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No one really knew what to make of it.fargowhen it was released in 1996. The Coen brothers have created a crime thriller that often hardly feels like one, no matter how dark it gets. The unfolding story shows us desperate men making horrible efforts in a world filled with so many friendly smiles and "cool Minnesota" accents that it can feel cartoonish. One of the Coens' only crime-fighting heroes, Sheriff Marge Gunderson (Frances McDormand), is on the hunt for the bad guys and is pregnant.

Whether they knew what to make of it or not, audiences and critics alike fell in love with him.fargo. the movie wasnominated for seven Oscarsand won two: McDormand for Best Actress and the Coen Brothers for Best Original Screenplay. It remains one of the Coens' most popular works, eventually inspiring the anthology drama of the same name, which premiered in 2014.

But a film as unique asfargoit's not done without generating its own unique stories. Whether it's about the film's making or the intense and sometimes extravagant audience reactions, some stories happen.fargoThey're weird enough to warrant their own movies. If you're curious to know what we mean, read on to learn the untold truth aboutfargo.

Fargo's "Real" History Changes a Lot

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You'd understandably assume that if a movie advertises that it's based on a true story, there must be some sort of rule or law that implies that.it cannotLie. However, you would be wrong. at the beginning offargo, the audience is given the indication that the following is based on actual events that occurred in 1987, and that although the names have been changed, the events are accurately depicted.

But in 2015, Joel Coen said (viaLos New York Times) nothing in this opening message was true. That year, T. Eugene Thompson, a man convicted in 1963 in St. Louis. Paul, Minnesota, for hiring someone to murder his wife, died. It was one of the stories that some Minnesotans felt could be the inspiration for this.fargo, but when asked about a possible connection, Joel Coen said, "[fargois] completely made up. Or, as we like to say, the only sure thing is that it's a story.” He also said that although the aforementioned murder took place not far from his hometown of St. Louis Park, Thompson had never heard of it.

But the Coens' story about, well, about history has changed over the years. At one point, Joel Coen saidThe film is based on a true event., but that the film was not as accurate as the opening message claimed. Another time he saidthe story was realbut it didn't happen in Minnesota. Maybe it's better to accept that we'll never know for sure.

Fargo is not about Fargo

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Semany Coens movies, the surroundings offargoNot only does Minnesota's culture play a central role in the story, but so do the deep layers of snow under which almost everything is buried. So it's ironic that a film where a sense of place is so important is named after a place...butNOthe place where most of the story takes place.

majorityfargoit doesn't really happenEmFargo. At the beginning of the film, Jerry Lundegaard (William H. Macy) drives to Fargo, North Dakota, to deliver a Ford Cierra to the men he hires to kidnap his wife. After he gives Carl (Steve Buscemi) the keys, we head back to Minneapolis and that's the last we see of Fargo. Most of the rest of the story is set in or around Brainerd, Minnesota.

The Coen brothers said that there was no big secret behind the title and that they just liked the sound. It's true thatfargorolls off the tongue more easily thanBrain. But write about the movie tothe Atlantic, film criticismChristopher Orr speculatedthe title could be "an ironic play" on the 1974 classicChinatown, where the real Chinatown only appears in the last few minutes.

Die Rache des State Troopers

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One of the most memorable scenes fromfargois when everything goes wrong. After Carl and Gaear (Peter Stormare) are pulled over by a state trooper and prisoner Jean Lundegaard (Kristin Rudrüd) moans under a blanket in the back seat, Gaear shoots the trooper in the head, killing him. The assassin is then forced to chase and prematurely shoot a passing couple while Carl drags the policeman's body off the street.

According to Stormare, life imitated art in a strange way, although fortunately the resemblance didn't go very far. talk toHuffPostNameem 2015,Storm thesethat shortly after filming the infamous scene, he and Buscemi were pulled over by a real police officer and the two actors assumed their roles.fargoBuscemi had made an illegal U-turn, and when he tried to explain everything to the officer, Stormare was as speechless in the passenger seat as he was in the car.fargoScene. Stormare said, "Thank goodness we didn't have a prop gun in our glove compartment!"

Stormare recalled staying in the car for a while after he was pulled over, "unable to continue because the episode was so bizarre". Both actors suspected that the Coens had somehow planned this as a prank, but the brothers claimed to know nothing about it. The event left its mark on Stormare, she said.HuffPostName,"Today I'm not sure if it was all an illusion or if it really happened."

Buscemi's character in Fargo paved the way for Donnie's abuse in The Big Lebowski.

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Steve Buscemi appeared in many of the Coen brothers' films, including the first one that follows.fargothe 1998 cult classico Grande Lebowski. Buscemi's role isn't as central in the latest film. Ino Grande LebowskiHe plays Donny, the third member of the bowling team, which includes the guy (Jeff Bridges) and the loudmouth Walter (John Goodman). Donny never really knows what's going on, and Walter is constantly yelling at him, and his repeated exclamations of "Shut up, Donny" are so popular that they've turned into political memes.

SeChristopher Orr points this out in the Atlantic, the Coens have incorporated many inside jokes into their films that connect, and Walter's constant yelling at Donny is one of them. Infargo, Buscemi's character is a chatterbox, whether he's trying and failing to strike up a conversation with Gaear or challenging a parking attendant. Walter's verbal abuse of Donny ino Grande Lebowskiis a response to Buscemi's character infargodon't know when to shut up

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Ironically, Peter Stormare said that despite their on-screen dynamic, once the cameras were turned off he and Buscemi were polar opposites. Although he describes himself as a great orator,said attackerHuffPostNamethat "[Buscemi] flips like a clam between takes. It's hard to get a word out of him."

Fargo revitalized Harve Presnell's career

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In a movie full of fun characters, one of the funniest is Wade Gustafson, Jean Lundegaard's father and a man who obviously has a low opinion of his son-in-law, even without knowing that Jerry was the one who planned Jean's kidnapping. Gustafson is played by Harve Presnell, a face hitherto unknown to many viewers.fargoand an actorwhose schedule quickly filled up after the movie hit theaters.

While many viewers may not have recognized Presnell, the actor made a name for himself decades earlier. Presnell's acting career took off in the 1950s and in 1964 he made a huge impression as the lead in the 1964 musical.A imortal Molly Brown, for which he won aGolden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer. Apparently, the boom wasn't big enough to sustain a film career, and most of her later work came in the form of small television roles until then.fargo.

Afterfargo, Presnell's star has resurfaced. The actor landed roles in popular movies like the 1997 action movie.face each other, the 1998 war epicThere Private James Ryanand the 2003 comedyOld fashion. worked regularly untilhis death in 2009of pancreatic cancer. He was 75 years old.

Every Coen fan knows a scene from Fargo.

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One offargoThe most memorable scenes include a callback to a scene from an earlier Coen film. Visually, it's so similar you could practically call it a remake.

The Coens' first major film was 1984's Thriller.Just blood.Midway through the film, Ray (John Getz) kills his lover's husband, Marty (Dan Hedaya). He is about to finish Marty off with a shovel on the side of a quiet road when he sees headlights coming towards him. Instead of hitting him with the shovel, he picks up the dying Marty and drags him to his car, desperately trying to do so before the oncoming truck passes. Barely making it to the car, he walks past Marty and crashes into the vehicle as the truck passes by.

After seeing the scene, it's impossible not to think about her while watching.fargoas Carl struggles to get the dead cop off the streets. As soon as Carl sees the headlights approaching, it's like déjà vu. Of course, Carl isn't as successful as Ray in the previous film, forcing Gaear to go after the witnesses and eliminate them.

One of the biggest problems in producing the Fargo was the lack of snow.

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his name is defargohe's pretty much a character unto himself. Assassin Gaear seems to regard the frozen landscape as a prison he can never escape. Even if you try to watch TV, the noise "snow" will distort the picture. But for the ever-optimistic Marge Gunderson, who at the end of the film looks out over the endless fields of snow from her cruiser and comments that it's "a beautiful day," it's just another gift from nature.

In other words, there's a lot of snow in this movie. And since Minnesota is known for its long, harsh winters, the Coen brothers probably didn't see much of a problem filming in Minnesota, aside from the obvious complications that can result from trying to move people and equipment from one location to another for transport. another through the snow. . They expected a surprise.

fargowas filmed in the winter of 1995, which was the endsecond warmest Minnesota winter on record. cast and crew offargoThey faced exactly the opposite problems they would normally have to deal with and found that the locations originally chosen for certain ice scenes did not have enough snow. Filming moved north to Minnesota and North Dakota, where lack of snow was not an "issue".

Bruce Campbell has an interesting cameo in Fargo

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If you know your way arounddie Spider-Man-FilmtrilogieDirected by Sam Raimi, you may remember actor Bruce Campbell, who has worked with Raimi since the 1970s, mainly intheEvil Deadfilms– appears as different characters in the three films. WhilefargoCampbell, who is obviously not directed by Raimi and has nothing to do with Peter Parker or any other Marvel hero, manages to make one of his most interesting film appearances to date.

Campbell appears at the end of the story just before Gaear kills Carl with an axe. Before Carl returns to the dressing room with a shot in the face and supposedly half the money, although we know he's hiding more, Gaear eats in front of the TV, watches a program amidst the noise and seems surprised, as a character is in The program announces that she is pregnant. The soap opera that Gaear is watching is calledgenerations- a soap opera set in early 1980s Detroit - and Campbell is the man blindsided by the news of his spurned lover's pregnancy.

The cameo was no coincidence. Afterthe Atlantic,Campbell said he wouldbe insidefargoand contacted the Coens to make an appearance. "That was the only paper available," Campbell said, "for me to donate bad footage, so I was more than willing to oblige."

Before FX's Fargo Series, Tony Soprano's Wife Was Almost Marge Gunderson

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1997, 17 years before the celebratedfargoTV series, there was an early attempt to turn the movie hit into a TV hit. Edie Falco played Sheriff Marge Gunderson in a pilot offargo, set in the same snowy Brainerd as the film.

Bruce Bohne, who plays Deputy Lou in the film, was the only actor from the film to reprise his role in the pilot, which was directed by Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates. The general public didn't get a chance to see the pilot until 2003, when it aired on Trio, a defunct network.showed thefargoPilotas part of what he called a "brilliant but cancelled" cast. The pilot has Marge, still pregnant, investigating the murder of a pharmacist who was shot while trying to start his stuck car.

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Two years after the pilot failed to get picked up, Falco filmed another pilot, this time in her most iconic role as mob wife Carmela Soprano.HBOThe Sopranos. It's interesting, and frankly a little scary, to imagine what the late '90s and early '00s television landscape would have been like if things had been different for them.fargoPilot.

The apparition is almost known as the prince

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fake photos

Some fans believeprince music legendmakes an appearancefargoAnd for good reason. The symbol, which the artist used to identify himself in a bitter legal battle with Warner Bros., appears in the credits offargo, which lists him as "victims in the field". Despite the credit, he was the real person playing the victim.fargostoryboard artist J. Todd Anderson, but apparently Prince was close to landing a role in the film.

Peter Stormare said Prince, a Minnesota native, is a friend of the Coens and had spoken to the filmmaking duo about making an appearance.fargo. He didn't say who approached who, but apparently it wasn't meant to be.Striker rememberedAHuffPostNamethat "[Prince] wanted to do a smaller part, they told me, but it didn't work out." The actor went on to say that "just having his icon there helped his image a little bit in his long struggle to get out of a silly record deal."

Many believed there was a tragic story associated with Fargo's missing money.

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Due to the Coens' forgery at the opening of thefargo-that what followed was a true story: some people believed that Steve Buscemi's character had treasure buried in the snow. Just before his partner kills him, Carl buries nearly a million dollars and marks the spot with an ice scraper. At the end of the film, the money is not recovered, apparently leading some treasure hunters to believe it was still around.

When 28-year-old Takako Konishi was found frozen to death in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, in 2001, many believed the Japanese woman had died trying to find the money. The story helped inspire the 2014 drama.Kumiko the treasure hunter. but just likefargoitself was more fictional than audiences realized, as was the urban legend surrounding Takako Konishi's death.

AfterThe guard, if documentaryPaul Berczeller traveled to North Dakotato tell the story of KonishiThis is a true story, discovered that the story he wanted to film there was wrong. On the same day that Konishi left for his final journey into the forest, he sent a farewell letter to his parents in Japan. While it is unclear what brought her to this predicament, Berczeller's investigations uncovered an affair between Konishi and a married American businessman with whom she may have traveled to Minnesota three times previously. Berczeller's own conclusion was that Konishi did not die in pursuit of riches.fargo, but that he "probably died of a broken heart".

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