Breath of the Wild: Stamina vs Hearts (2023)

A Lenda de Zelda: Breath of the Wilddeserves all the praise. It changed the way players viewed world exploration as it rewards you for traveling through the carefully designed Kingdom of Hyrule. The implementation of the “outdoor” project makes the region discoverable.

Related:The Legend Of Zelda: All Types of Monsters in Breath of the Wild Ranked by DifficultyLink has two important stats: Heart and Stamina. Hearts work similarly to a life meter or health bar, and if you run out of them you will die, while stamina allows you to perform certain physical actions longer. This game gives you the option to trade your four hard-earned Spirit Orbs for another heart or more stamina. Let's think about what's best and when.

Updated March 11, 2023 by Quinton O'Connor:Players returning to Breath of the Wild before Tears of the Kingdom launches in May 2023 may need a refresher on the heart versus stamina debate. We are happy to provide it.


9 Hearts offer more room for error.

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Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of upgrading Link's heart in Breath of the Wild is that it gives you more freedom to experiment in the world. With a high heart level, you don't have to think long before engaging in high-risk, high-reward action in Breath of the Wild.

From exploring Hyrule Central to traversing Death Mountain without using fire-retardant materials, more hearts increase your chances of survival in all these areas. It's a great way to be relatively carefree as you roam Breath of the Wild's vast lands.

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8 Endurance makes world travel less uncomfortable

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There's no denying that stamina makes some things easier in Breath of the Wild. Finally, most of Link's moves and abilities are related to his stamina.

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Instead of getting frustrated when Link runs out of energy, upgrade this skill so you can take more actions before Link gets tired. This makes everything from traversal to combat a little less awkward, which can really add to the game's overall enjoyment.

7 Hearts make combat easier.

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Having more hearts means you are more likely to make mistakes without dying. Just treat each heart like another chance to make a mistake; The more you have, the more mistakes you can make.

If you have a lot of health, you can play with less pressure. If you want to make fighting groups of monsters easier, then you should invest in hearts. But if you want to keep the game tough you should avoid them as each hit is fatal if you have less in your possession.

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6 Endurance means you can run longer

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an exploration game, which means you'll have to walk a lot. Sure you can run, but if your endurance bike lasts less than a second, you'll end up constantly switching between running and walking.

A higher stamina group lets you run longer, allowing you to cover greater distances faster. Of course, you can only ride horses for walking, but you can't ride Divine Beasts or Shrines, and it's very difficult to ride them in hard-to-reach terrain.

5 Cores facilitate resistance to extreme temperatures

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In some areas, the temperature is so extreme that it will break your heart if you are not prepared to endure it. There are two types of extreme weather conditions that can harm you: extreme heat, such as that of Death Mountain or the Gerudo Desert, and extreme cold, which is usually prevalent in high mountains or the Gerudo Desert at night.

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In these locations, not having the right clothes and/or elixirs means taking a lot of damage over time and potentially dying. You can still eat food to withstand extreme temperatures, but if you run out, your hearts will drain one by one like a doomsday clock, and the more hearts you have, the more time you have to find a safe place. .

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4 Resistance helps to rise

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Arguably few games have made climbing a fun mechanic, but Breath of the Wild is one of them. When you explore the vast realm of Hyrule, you have to climb more than a few mountains, walls, pillars, towers... you get the idea, it's a lot.

And since climbing costs stamina, you need a lot if you want to climb higher, especially considering that if you run out of stamina while climbing, you'll fall to your death. After all, you don't have enough energy to use your umbrella correctly to protect yourself.

3 Hearts will help you unlock the Master Sword

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This could be the number one reason to unlock more hearts.a master swordIt is one of the most useful weapons in the game, as this weapon cannot be broken; instead, it runs out of power for a while. He also gains additional attack power under certain circumstances, e.g. B. fighting ancient enemies and can fire lightning when you are at max hearts and trying to cast them.

But to unlock it you have to invest in a lot of hearts, because when you finally find your sanctuary in the middle of the Lost Grove you will have to pass a test. All you have to do is get Link to take the sword off its pedestal; The problem is that it depletes your hearts and you need at least 13 full red hearts to be able to draw it. Therefore, it cannot be denied that the minimum of 13 hearts is practically mandatory.

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2 Resistance ensures safer sliding

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There's nothing quite like jumping to the top of a tall mountain and gliding across Hyrule until you find an interesting place to land, or running out of energy and falling to your death. We think one of them probably sounds better to you than the other.

But just like any other intense physical activity in Breath of the Wild, sliding consumes energy. It's not much, but keep going. With plenty of time in heaven, youwillingThe stamina is wearing thin and few things are more frustrating than falling to your destination just a few meters from your target. More perseverance could have brought him to his destination during the last breach.

1 our recommendation

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We've gone back and forth a bit in this article, literally if you will. Best of all, both heart and stamina are important components in your adventure, and you'll want to complete dozens of shrines to get your sweet ghost orbs and boost both stats as much as possible.

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However, in our opinion, there is an idealdistantto this approach of getting energy and heart in abundance. We have formally numbered everything for your viewing pleasure.

  1. Get Link's heart racing around eight to get through tougher fights early on.
  2. Use the next 20 Spirit Orbs to fully fill Link's second stamina wheel and greatly increase his travel abilities.
  3. Returning to the hearts, you need five more for a total of 13 for Link to remove the master sword.
  4. Spirit Orbs again, 20 more for a third and final round. You cannot increase your stamina beyond this point.
  5. Use whatever you get at the end of the game to get more hearts!

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