Because running makes us feel alive, we run lettering (2023)

Get texts fromBecause we feel alive when we run, run, run, singYou love. The list contains'Cause we feel alive when we run, run, runof old songs and new releases. Know every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight :-).

Kelly Clarkson - Run Run Run Songtext
Look away, there's nothing left to heal. I'm alone but I know everything you feel. And you waited in the rain. My heart is imprisoned by tears. And we fell victim to fate. And we get up and we get up again. And I run, run, run, run, run. And I run, run, run, run, run. I run, I run, I run, I run, I run.

BTS - Run BTS lyrics
We all just run hard No matter what, we just run That's the answer, ha-ha-ha (Okay) Comfort I got it (got it) Beginnings, I got it (got it) Good music, I got it (got it) it ) It is) Good team ? Screw you! (Oh yeah) You said you were sexy (You're sexy) Oh man you don't (You don't) Over the one who flies Over the one who walks Run Bangtan, come on for ten years...

Lyrics of Hi-Rez - Feel Alive
Feel alive, feel alive I don't know who I would be if it were up to you and me. So thank you for making me. Feel alive, feel alive I fought with myself. And every day is a war. Actually, I don't even know what I want, but I know I want more. Stop letting people walk on me, I had to get off this floor.

(Video) EDEN - drugs (Lyric Video)

Bruno Mars - Runaway Baby Lyrics and Translation of the song.
"Run, run, run, run, baby, before I put a spell on you. You better go, run, run, run baby 'cause everything you've heard is true. Your poor little heart is gonna end up in her 'cause God knows I'm a rolling stone, so you better run, run, run, run baby." Hey look at this, look I'm not trying to hurt you do baby

Songtext von Sam Feldt - Just To Feel Alive (Remix)
One night stand hit and run, have fun, afterwards But you, you make me want to do anything, your style, the way you smile, I guess that's why I had to hit the road to get more... Steve Aoki - "Waste It On Me" (Waste It On Me) You say love is confusing You say it doesn't work You don't wanna try, no, no (You don't wanna try , no, no) And baby, I do 'T. ..

Freedom Keeping The Dream Alive Lyrics - Full Lyrics of the Original Song.
'Cause we're keeping the dream alive I need you, I love you The game will never end 'cause we're keeping the dream alive Our hopes were too high Too unreachable but we had to try There's no need to hide, we have to don't run 'cause all the answers come one after the other the hopes we had were too high too unreachable but we had to try

Paramore - Adore Lyrics and translation of the song.
I don't want to run but every time you come I feel more alive than ever. And I think it's too much. Maybe we're too young. And I don't even know what's real I've never loved anyone so much If I let her ames To be the one to be adored Would you go all the way? be what I'm looking for?

(Video) I will run, I will climb, I will soar, / Dream it possible [Lyric video]

AURORA - Runaway lyrics and translation of the song.
Would I one day run away from the world? Nobody knows, nobody knows And I was dancing in the rain I felt alive and I can't complain But now take me home Take me home where I belong I have nowhere else to go Take me home now Take me home where I don't belong anywhere else. take me home now Take me home where I belong. I can not stand it anymore

Veeh Lil'monsterpull feat. Rahiem Lott - Run It Up lyrics and translation of the song.
Run It Up lyrics by Veeh Lil'monsterpull feat. Rahim Lott. Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-You only have one life to live. One life, you only get one chance to build it. I feel like I'm walking up a hill My legs are moving Or I'm standing still I swear it feels like yesterday I've been talking face to face with my aunt Now is the only time I see

NEEDTOBREATHE - Alive lyrics and translation of the song.
Chasing a vision, baby, like we're walking downhill Oh, we open these blinds, feel the light We swim to the surface, set our alarm clocks for the night Catch me, we've got miles to run We live, the skin leaves these Bones fly in the wind, we burn out of control

Half•alive - RUNNING AWAY lyrics and translation of the song.
Yes, I don't have to run away. Something works, the heart turns. The vision is clear and I'm still learning. What I am, what I am, what I am, what I am. It's more than I can plan. Tell me now! I don't need to run. I was on a stage with only one mirror, forced to face what I've become.

(Video) Photograph - Ed Sheeran (Lyrics)

Lyrics and Translation of Kim Wilde - Keeping The Dream Alive
The hopes we had were too high Too far out of our reach but we must try No need to hide, no need to run 'Cause all the answers come one after the other The game will never end 'Cause we keep the dream on Life I need you I love you The game It will never end 'Cause we keep the dream alive Our hopes were too high

Avril Lavigne - Runaway lyrics and translation of the song.
And I feel so alive I can't help it Can't you see I just want to scream and lose control? I raise my hands and let go. I forget everything and run away, yeah I just want to fall and get lost. It hurts like hell. Forget everything and run away, yeah Sort of like me if you're wondering

Songtext von M4NG03 - Run You Freak
I don't want to get too close, I think I'll keep my distance. I breathe where I am, every breath needs a little help. I don't want to digress, I just want a clearer space. If I got away I might be able to go at my slower pace. Maybe take a step down, no deeper than I would drown, because unlike you, I want to be me, so I just walk...

Freya Ridings - "Love Is Fire" I feel it burning in my veins Tired of running from the flames, hey, -ames I've got a racing heart that's breaking You've got a smile that makes it run, hey -ace, if you never take chances, then...

(Video) Tom Odell - Another Love (Lyrics)

WHEELS - Run Songtext
Well I'm tired now, tired now that I'm older. We never walk, we never walk alone, do we? So hold on, hold the world. Hold on, hold on to your sun. Oh why run run run so far apart? Oh is it love, love, love? So hard to remember... And the stillness of your heart beats mine.

Arrows To Athens - Alive Songtext
We dream of tomorrow We know hope will always reach those in need The best of us stayed After the storm showed its fury And the sky tried to bring us to our knees We're standing, we're still standing So hold on, 'cause this The tide is high, strong They can't put out the fire in our eyes Let the walls cave in What we have they can't take from us

Songtext von Rihanna – Run This Town
Now we're aligned, wait. Life is a game but it's not fair. I'm breaking the rules so I don't care. So I keep doing my thing. Walk upright against the rain. Victory is a mile away. Almost there, don't give up now. The only thing on my mind is ruling this town tonight. Heeey, heeey, heeey. Who's gonna rule this city tonight? We are Yes, I said so...

Run Away Songtext -
Running from life's prejudices Oh, they're running from the pain they feel inside Others are forced to run To live on the street And then run From the danger they're meant to find Stripped of their self-respect How can they be guilty when they are lost? ? You must pray for the refugees every day It's a tragedy growing up in fear and hiding the truth...

(Video) Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (Official Music Video)

Baby we can run, run, run but we can't hide Oh no, we can't hide. We can run, but we can't hide from him. Of all possible worlds we have only one in which we have to move. whatever we did We'll never walk away from what we left behind. Baby we can run, run, run but we can't hide We can run, but we can't hide from him.

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