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App News

Midgard-Championsseems to be coming to PC/Mac
Thanks to the eagle eyes of aScott Nash, we notice thatgray fox gamesit's full of cunning little demons. Why do you ask? Because of its Viking-style worker placement gameMidgard-ChampionsIt's currently on Steam awaiting the Early Access release and no one has let us know.

Due to Gray Fox's lack of information, we have a serious lack of information. Probably not my best line, but you get the point.

The game is developed byMidGameLaband will apparently be released for both PC and Mac. Due to the lack of information mentioned above, we don't know if there are any plans to bring it to mobile devices.

MidGameLab wrote:

The old Jarl is dead and your once prosperous harbor has fallen into a state of disrepair. Fearsome creatures arrive in droves, wreaking havoc and destruction before them. Trolls are attacking the city. Draugr terrorizes nearby towns. Monsters attack travelers and merchants. People are suffering and you can be their champion.

Champions of Midgard combines worker placement and data-driven combat to create an exciting and strategic experience. Recruit warriors, earn powerful runes and see the future; then send your faithful fighters on quests to defeat wild and mythical beasts. Reach maximum fame to become the new Jarl and be recognized as the Champion of Midgard!

Champions of Midgard is a Viking Age worker placement game with dice-based combat. Taking on the role of competing Viking leaders, players hunt trolls, fight Draugr and slay mythical Norse beasts in their quest for glory!

- This is the official digital adaptation of the famous board game "Champions of Midgard" by Gray Fox Games
- Possibility to play with AI
- Local multiplayer
- animated background
- Rating system included

I don't see online multiplayer listed, so maybe CoM isn't an online affair, which is weird for a board game. Then again, maybe it was planned, but they still haven't ironed out the details. I would tell you if it weren't for that damn lack of information that everyone is talking about.

We will be contacting Russia and see if we can trace any information and as always let you know as soon as possible.

-Champions of Midgard Steam Page for PC/Mac

Evolutionmay be tried before the start on Tuesday
One of the most anticipated board game ports is the next gem of a species creation,Evolution. He will emerge from the primordial mud next Tuesday, February 12th, but you canTo enterto take a look at the pre-release version of the game for yourself.

Just access this link and sign up. There are still about 400 spots left, so don't delay.

The rest of us will be waiting for Tuesday's release on Steam, iOS, and Android, but we'd love to hear what you thought of the preview in the comments below.

-Evolution closed beta key registration

Gaia Projectand table DIGIDICES
This one is definitely a long way off when we'll see him live, but it looks likeY with your fingers, developer of the digital version ofthe mystical land, has acquired the rights to bring its sci-fi cousin before our eyes as well.

Afterthis topic(which caught our attention as readersTysen Treib), DIGIDDICED owns the digital rightsGaia Projectbut he has a few other things to do before he starts coding. Little things like the digital version ofBurgundy's castlesand other secret projects that we still don't know about.

So there isn't a lot of information, but it's nice to know it's archived and being edited by people who did a good job with your fantasy ancestor.

Gem Rushis (was) available for PC/Mac/Linux and iOS/Android
amovictory point gamesmostly because they make great solo games and I'm all alone with no friends. One of the latest games to be released in their "Premium" series isGem Rush (second edition)This will have you collecting gems and spending them to dig and expand your mine, collecting VP along the way. It's a fun game that can be played cooperatively or competitively.

It was mentioned when I was on Kickstarter that a digital version was in the works, but I completely forgot about it until I came across it a few weeks ago. Since last year there has been a digital version for PC/Mac/Linux as well as iOS and Android, which is really cool. In fact, it's one of the most polished and beautiful board game ports you'll find on any platform.

[company=12934 wrote:

[/company]"]This mountain is rich in mystical gems. Match gems to open new rooms and new ways to find gems. Compete against other players or race against the clock in this fast-paced strategy game to dig the biggest mine easily learn.


-Use over 60 spatial skills
-20 unique player skills adorned with dwarven poetry
- Competitive, cooperative and solo game modes (1-7 players)
-Online and hotseat multiplayer options
- True cross-platform play: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux versions can be played together
-Play a quick game and watch the action unfold, or play an asynchronous game where you only need to make one move per day
-3 levels of AI to play with or against
-Faithful adaptation of the board game Gem Rush, programmed by the designer

Gem Rush really feels like it was designed with care and it's a shame we missed the launch and don't have more people playing online now. let's fix this, okay?

-Gem Rush for iOS Universal, $7
-Gem Rush para Android, US$ 7
-Gem Rush for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam, $9 (For Sale)

Luck charmreceives a new digital-only expansion: Realm of Souls
Nomadic Games Ltd (II)was busy killing it with the big digital version ofOk Mysticwhich hit Steam last week. So it's hard to remember, hey! these are themTalisman: Digital EditionFace! Well, we're here to remind you that they just released new Talisman content, and unlike anything released for Talisman Digital, this expansion only exists in the digital version.

The new expansion is called Realm of Souls and... well, let's recap:

nomadicgames wrote:

Even if life leaves your hero, the adventure is not over...

The land beyond the veil gave birth to a mighty ruler. This king of the dead commands forces from beyond to cross the veil to invade the land of the living. In this first digital exclusive, death is no longer the end for the player, but just the beginning of a new adventure.

The Realm of Souls expansion introduces a unique new digital mechanic that allows Talisman's heroes to traverse the lands of the dead and continue their fights for the crown.

Mind expansion adds; 3 Characters: Archon, Ghost Collector, Psychic. 6 Adventure Cards, 3 Spell Cards, 70 Ghost Cards, 3 Terrain Cards, 2 Alternate Endings.

The expansion is now available on Steam, iOS and Android!

-Talisman: Digital Edition para PC/Mac via Steam, US$ 7
-Talismán: Universal iOS Digital Edition, $4
-Talisman: Digital Edition for Android, $3.50

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